Alexander Ekman

Alexander Ekman

iOS Developer

What do you do at SVT interaktiv?
I work as a developer for the Duo team, where I'm currently working on the iOS version of our breathtakingly awesome Duo app. I'm also the scrum master of the team.

What made you choose SVT as an employer?
I previously worked in the advertising industry and had grown tired of the whole zero-budget-and-should-have-been-delivered-yesterday mentality of the industry. At SVTi, our various product teams own their process and methodology and, in more or less all cases, are the ones who make the decisions of when and how they choose to deliver. The high level of autonomy in the teams along with the culture at SVTi is both why I chose to start working here and why I can't think of any reason why I would want to leave anytime soon.

Which is your favorite TV-program?
My all-time favorite show would probably be the French series Les Revenants (named GengÄngare when it aired on SVT Play). A beautiful and atmospheric drama/mystery series which takes place in a small French village where a group of people thought to be dead suddenly returns home as if nothing has ever happened to them. The soundtrack is written by the awesome Scottish post-rock band Mogwai which also stands out as one of my all favorite soundtracks.

What makes it fun working at SVT?
Our awesome products, which includes both our digital services and our different series and shows. We create products which people have strong opinions about, both positive and negative. Being involved in the process of creating these makes every day interesting in different ways.


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