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We have different teams at Play work with all the platforms.... osv osv...

“You’ll never be complete, and that’s as it should be"

At SVT Interactive we believe in our people. We also believe that diversity and autonomy drives innovation. And that will create the best place for our people to work at!

We contousously learn and update the way we make discussions and work together. And one thing that is important to us is our culture. That's why we made a manifesto, you can read more about the work that led up to the manifesto on our Tech-blog.

The quote from the manifesto was printed on t-shirts for everyone to us. 

Which on of these is your favorite? 

  1. On the Public's Digital Service
  2. People Passion & Innovation
  3. Learning is winning
  4. Together into the future
  5. Build to last - easy to change
  6. United by goals


Oxenstiernsgatan 26
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